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Seven-sided poem, by Carlos Drummond de Andrade, translated by Elizabeth Bishop

Seven-sided poem, by Carlos Drummond de Andrade, translated by Elizabeth Bishop

In the Seven-sided poem, Carlos Drummond de Andrade rhymed ironically mundo and Raimundo. When Elizabeth Bishop translated it, she associated faster and vaster, also a poor rhyme. That way, rhyme poverty brings humor to the original and its translation.


Prose poetry

Prosa poética

The Modernist movement killed the meter and its verse laws. Then, we, the postmoderns, killed the rythm, its music. Nowadays, what we have is the poetry prose: texts without rythm, with visual or verbal images, namely fanopeia or logopeia.

Dichten = condensare, according to Ezra Pound

Dichten = condensare, according to Ezra Pound

Dichten is the German verb corresponding to the noun Dichtung, or poetry. Ezra Pound remarked that poetry is language charged with meaning to the utmost degree, for a friend observed in a German Italian dictionary that dichten means condensare.


Dichten = condensare

Em alemão, poesia é dichtung, gerúndio do verbo dichten. Um amigo do poeta Ezra Pound encontrou num dicionário alemão italiano a equação dichten = condensare. Pound passou a dizer que poesia é o máximo de sentido num mínimo de palavras.