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You belong to me, with Carly Simon

If there’s a good meaning of the word attachment, it is in You belong to me. The singer says to the loved one that there’s no need to look attractive to others: I’ve got lovin’ eyes of my own.

Only happy when it rains, with Garbage

Garbage is one the best bands of the 90’s. They play alternative rock. Their strongest points are direct lyrics, dirty guitars and impacting vocalization. All musicians are ugly, and the cute singer does her best to look like them.

Schubert’s Ave Maria, with Andrea Boccelli

The famous Schubert’s Ave Maria wasn’t created by Franz Schubert. The original song is also a prayer to the Virgin Mary, but this version is an adaptation of the words of the Hail Mary prayer to the Schubert’s melody.

Hu Creix at Artist Signal

Hu Creix at Artist Signal

Hu Creix creates, plays and sings music: a mix between electronic music, rock, triphop etc. All of them will get your attention. Maybe his street musician experience explains his versatility and friendliness: a natural leader, his friends are legion.

Catherine Corelli at ArtistSignal

Catherine Corelli at ArtistSignal

Catherine Corelli is part Polish-Russian, part Italian. She composes and sings in a very interesting, creative and original way, mixing traditions. Lady Corelli refuses to be a distant diva. Being nice with her fans, she’s an even greater diva.

Mal secreto

Se a falta de coloquialismo era um problema nas letras da bossa nova, os deuses da poesia mandaram para o tropicalismo vários grandes letristas, inclusive o mais coloquial de todos os coloquiais baianos, o poeta Wally Salomão, muito subestimado.