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Xenakis, or The mathematics in music

Among the great contemporary composers, Xenakis was the most influenced by mathematics. Some said his computers were the real authors of the musical pieces. That’s wrong: Xenakis art is in his choice of themes, in how computers are programed.

You belong to me, with Carly Simon

If there’s a good meaning of the word attachment, it is in You belong to me. The singer says to the loved one that there’s no need to look attractive to others: I’ve got lovin’ eyes of my own.

You belong to me, com Carly Simon

Se houver um bom sentido para a palavra apego, ele está em You belong to me. Quem canta diz para a outra parte do casal que não precisa se mostrar atraente para outras pessoas: olhos amorosos veem sua beleza.

Dois pra lá, dois pra cá, de Bosco e Blanc, com Elis Regina

Aldir Blanc e João Bosco foram grande dupla da MPB, que os tempos atuais parecem fazer esquecer. Radiografavam o universo da pequena classe média carioca. Grandes versos como “a ponta de um torturante/ bandaid no calcanhar” eram sua marca.

Beethoven’s Fidelio, directed by Nikolaus Harnoncourt

Usually it is not highlighted that Beethoven depicted the social and political transformations resulting from feudalism fall and capitalism ascent. Fidelio shows the loss of the feudal power of a prison governor, versus a minister, representing a centralized state.

Fixing a hole, com The Beatles

Muitos dizem que Fixing a hole faz apologia do baseado: mas ninguém pode negar que é muito forte nela a sensação da tranquilidade de simplesmente estar na própria casa. McCartney canta: se estou errado, estou certo onde eu moro.

Bach’s Cello suite BWV 1007, with Pablo Casals

The performer is a composer’s partner, for he or she choses how to transform musical ideas into sounds. Pablo Casals was more than that for the Cello Suites, as he saved them from the limbo they were till 1936.

Allegro non troppo, by Bruno Bozzetto

In the early years of the 20th century, two students cut the classes to to watch Allegro non troppo: one of us bloggers and a college colleague, very savvy, that knew it was a good movie. It was suprising and unforgettable: the movie was excellent, very creative. It was an afternoon session: mothers couldn’t take their eyes of the screen, while their children run between the cinema chairs…

Music pieces by Sibelius, Debussy and Stravinsky (among others) were so well associated to animations, that one could not believe the latter were created to be played along the former.

Schubert’s Ave Maria, with Andrea Boccelli

The famous Schubert’s Ave Maria wasn’t created by Franz Schubert. The original song is also a prayer to the Virgin Mary, but this version is an adaptation of the words of the Hail Mary prayer to the Schubert’s melody.

Ave Maria de Schubert, com Andrea Boccelli

A Ave Maria de Schubert na verdade não é uma criação de Schubert. A composição original de fato era oração à Nossa Senhora, mas a conhecida Ave Maria é uma adaptação da oração em latim à melodia de Schubert.