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Categoria: 18th century

Bach’s Chaconne, by Andrés Segovia

Saying that Andrés Segovia was to the classical guitar what Jimi Hendrix was for electrical guitar wouldn’t be an overstatement. Both were self taught and redefined how to play their instruments. Both are still remarkable for their killer techniques.

The problem of induction, according to David Hume

The problem of induction, according to David Hume

David Hume was the name of the Scottish philosopher that, on 18th century, posed the problem of induction: given that the sun raised yesterday, how to make sure it will raise tomorrow? Induction is the basis of empirical science.

Bach’s Cello suite BWV 1007, with Pablo Casals

The performer is a composer’s partner, for he or she choses how to transform musical ideas into sounds. Pablo Casals was more than that for the Cello Suites, as he saved them from the limbo they were till 1936.